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Code on GitHub
Installation is very easy, basically extract the code from GitHub and copy it into a directory accessible from the web, point your browser to the directory and you should be ready to go.


The different parts of the application are:

Query Launcher

Simply type your query into the text box and click on the execute button.

Type List

This is an information page, so simply accessing is enough to get all available information.

Test Code for PHP and Javascript

Write your code into the code editor or load a pre-existing script and edit it. You can click on execute as many times as you need to see the internals of the executions.

In order to simplify the scripts, there are a set of variables and functions you have access to in your scripts:

  • URL of the site we logged in with: $cbURL
  • Username we logged in with: $cbUserName
  • UserID we logged in with: $cbUserID
  • Accesskey we logged in with: $cbAccessKey
  • SessionID we logged in with: $cbSessionID
  • cbwsLibrary connection to coreBOS: $cbconn, this is a coreboswslibrary object
  • http_curl connection to coreBOS: $httpc, this is a cURL wrapper
  • Obviously any PHP code is valid and supported
  • Finally there is a high level debug function called debugmsg() which accepts two parameters, a header string which will be printed in bold and a variable of any time which will be dumped using the PHP print_r function

Adding test code

Just copy the script into the testcode directory and it will be detected automatically.

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