Converting vtiger CRM into a CRM

Vtiger CRM is an incredible tool. As I have written in the past it is suit to cover a very extent market segment, well over the strict CRM market, it has many features that make it a perfect software solution for many small an medium companies whose needs are not only marketing. That said, surprisingly it is very lacking in the marketing functionality, it does not have an easy nor powerful way to segment your potential market and act upon it actively to produce business opportunities.

This is where our customization enters. We have filled the gap between the campaign and the contact. In this space is where your company's marketing actions take place, you send your contacts messages in the form of letters, emails, SMS and others, you plan meetings, calls or other types of tasks and all of these can be part of a campaign or individual actions and most must end with an opportunity or sales action, hopefully won :-)

Starting from the first steps of segmenting your contacts and associating them with a campaign or marketing action, vtiger CRM lacks the functionality of grouping your contacts in function of their related account parameters or other related entity fields, then there is a lack of complete information about the results of the messages sent to your contacts, there is no easy way to create mass actions for positive nor negative messages, even seeing the results of your sales teams actions is a daunting task. Some other useful tools like mass related assignments, which is a must in a vtiger CRM that is configured with private entities and you need to assign contacts and all its related entities to different users/salesmen, mass contact creation or mass copying fields between records, also would be very useful.

We have tried to create solutions for all these missing features, and then some, creating an unbeatable mix!

Another common necessity in marketing actions is what is called drip campaigns. With this functionality you will be able to define long term actions for your client to keep you on his mind. You can easily define birthday reminders, holiday greetings or setup welcome marketing contact policies like sending a new contact an email two or three days after confirming his purchase and then a follow up email a week, a month or a year later, for example.

Even the famous one email a year campaign, where a client receives a different email once a year for the rest of his life could be defined,

Besides adding all this functionality we have thrown in some of our most famous modules and extensions like our geolocalization map module which could help not only to view your clients spatial localization but to segment and setup campaigns based on that information, our forecast module will help you keep track of your sales team goals, while the updated vtiger daily activity reporting tool will inform you of their actions. Our advanced OpenOffice merge along with PDFMaker will permit you to create perfectly crafted quotes and documents to present to your contacts. Also we have added our payments control module so you can control things like the total amount paid by a client and also control partial payments made by them, making knowing the status of unpaid invoices a breeze. This module could be very useful also to control the commissions of your sales team. Not satisfied with that we threw in our category discount extension so you can easily make personalized discounts to your clients based on special conditions or previous buying patterns you would like to reinforce.

Finally another heavy weight we have added is our vtApps extensions which is a new dashboard environment which gives you a set of graphically appealing tools to control your business metrics and quickly see the status of your work

Some more normal patches and fixes we have gathered through the constant use of vtiger CRM and our extensive experience with the product have been added to make day to day use easier, specially tax control on invoices for fiscal reasons and also many of the most commonly asked questions on the forums.

Last, but not least, all that is topped with our support and constant development of the platform. We have a clearly defined roadmap of future enhancements while we keep applying minor bug fixes we find and features we develop as we work with the platform every day and we are here to answer your questions and solve your problems with an unbeatable support from an experienced team.

Don't hesitate, come, join us and take your company to the next level!

You can find complete information and documentation here and ask any questions you may have here.

We look forward to working with you :-)