Steps to copy a working coreBOS install from one server or directory to another

  • copying files in the folder to the new destination on the server
  • seting up the right permissions on folders / files
  • removing all folders on /stroge/20*, and removing all files on the folder users_priviliege/ starting with sharing_* and user_*
  • create new database from the corebos_justinstalled_empty.sql
  • copying data on the tables containing names: users, tab, field, modules, menu, map, home, view, business
  • edit
    • change the database access to point to the database copy and $site_url and $root_directory accordingly
  • now log in as admin to make sure you are working ok: you can log in and the initial home page appears
  • go to coreBOS updater
  • click on "Load Updates"
  • click on "Apply All". Note that you may have to do this a few times to get all the changes applied as there are some dependencies. Also there will be some SQL errors because we have a set of changes that cover many different cases and your install is different for sure.