Due to the popularity of javascript and it's importance inside web applications (coreBOS), as of June 2018 coreBOS has added functionality to be able to log messages that happen in your javascript code to the backend logging system.

to get this to work we must:

  • load the coreBOS webservice library in order to make web services calls
  • load the logging javascript library. This can be done by adding this code to your project:
<script type="text/javascript" src="include/Webservices/WSClientp.js"></script>
var cbws=new cbWSClient('http://localhost/coreBOSwork');
<script type="module" src="include/js/loadjslog.js"></script>

Once that code has been included we will have a logging object at our service that is called jslog and has this interface:

jslog(connection, level, message)

jslog(cbws, 'fatal', 'message to log');
  • level can be: fatal, trace, error, warn, debug, info
  • message can be any string, if that string is convertable to a JSON object it will be converted before logging

Helper methods

  • jslog.fatal(connection, message)
  • jslog.trace(connection, message)
  • jslog.error(connection, message)
  • jslog.warn(connection, message)
  • jslog.debug(connection, message)
  • jslog.info(connection, message)

Browser console

Additionally you can configure jslog to send the same message it is sending to the backend also to the browser console by setting the jslog2console variable like this:

jslog.jslog2console = true;

Deactivate logging

In certain situations it could be useful to keep the logging messages around while we are tacking down some hard to find bug but we want to deactivate them temporarily. jslog has a settings option for this called active

jslog.active = false;


jslog.fatal(cbws, JSON.stringify({'var1':'kdkdkd','var2':'llll'}));
jslog.debug(cbws, "{'var1':'kdkdkd','var2llll'}");
jslog(cbws, 'info', "this message will appear in the console also!");

Destination log file

The messages sent to the backend will appear in the file logs/javascript.log and you must have the log4php.properties settings file configured correctly as well as the $LOG4PHP_DEBUG = true; variable.