We don't use version numbers, it makes no sense in our project.

Release Numbers

Based on Producing Open Source Software

We will follow the convention laid out in the book Produccing Open Source Software whereas, we will use three number components in the version name:

<wrap em>major_number.minor_nomber.micro_number</wrap>


  1. Changes to the micro number only (that is, changes within the same minor line) must be both forward- and backward-compatible. That is, the changes should be bug fixes only, or very small enhancements to existing features. New features should not be introduced in a micro release.

  2. Changes to the minor number (that is, within the same major line) must be backward-compatible, but not necessarily forward-compatible. It's normal to introduce new features in a minor release, but usually not too many new features at once.

  3. Changes to the major number mark compatibility boundaries. A new major release can be forward- and backward-incompatible. A major release is expected to have new features, and may even have entire new feature sets.


There will only be one packaging system which is a compressed .zip obtained from GitHub. We will create a list of milestone and official version tags on this page.

We have decided to do that because (as can be seen in this whole project) we believe that each part in the whole system must do their work well, there is no sense in creating a wiki when dokuWiki is exceptional, it is better to integrate dokuWiki and mantisBT together than add that into the issue tracker. With that in mind, the effort to create an automatic installable package is overkill when there are projects that prepare exceptional WAMP stacks with all the problems resolved and when Linux just gives it to you by default. All we need to concentrate our efforts on is creating exceptional coreBOS functionality.


In general the master branch will always be a stable version of the product, we will be developing fixes and features in other branches and only add the code to the master branch when we are satisfied with it's stability, so you can always download the master branch for the latest changes. That said, be careful as we you will have to patch the changes to stable milestones yourself, we will only create migrations paths from one milestone version to the next.

The official list of milestones is here


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