Entity Relation


Given a Sales Product, we can call these methods:

  • getCategory ($date='*',$primary='*'): array of categories the product belongs to on the given date, if primary is given then only primary categories will be returned
  • getFeatures ($date='*', $available='*', $default='*', $accid=0, $availablegeobid=0, $pricegeobid=0, $rotacion=0, $currencyid=1, $oferta=0): array of all the features of the product that fulfill the given parameters
  • getPriceDetails ($date='*',$accid=0,$geobid=0,$apply='*', $context): this is the main price retrieval service, it will return any price type ($apply) and will also apply a coreBOS rule that can be selected on the price record itself. The $context array will be passed into the rule along with the information of the price
    • getBasePrice ($date='*',$accid=0,$geobid=0, $context): calls getPriceDetails with apply=Base
    • getCost ($date='*',$accid=0,$geobid=0, $context): calls getPriceDetails with apply=Cost
    • getSurcharge ($date='*',$accid=0,$geobid=0, $context): calls getPriceDetails with apply=Surcharge
    • getMaterial ($date='*',$accid=0,$geobid=0, $context): calls getPriceDetails with apply=Material
    • getDiscount ($date = '*', $accid = 0, $geobid = 0, $context = false): calls getPriceDetails with apply=Discount
  • getPriceInformation ($date='*',$accid=0,$geobid=0,$apply='*',$currencyid=1, $context=false): calls getPriceDetails for all the possible types and returns the results


  • getInteractions ($spid): returns all interactions the given Sales Product has
  • getPriceDetails ($date='*',$accid=0,$geobid=0,$apply='*',$productcontext=0)
    • getBasePrice ($date='*',$accid=0,$geobid=0,$productcontext=0)
    • getCost ($date='*',$accid=0,$geobid=0,$productcontext=0)
    • getMaterial ($date='*',$accid=0,$geobid=0,$productcontext=0)
    • getSurcharge ($date='*',$accid=0,$geobid=0,$productcontext=0)
    • getDiscount ($date='*',$accid=0,$geobid=0,$productcontext=0)
  • getPriceInformation ($date='*',$accid=0,$geobid=0,$apply='*',$currencyid=1,$productcontext=0)
read Sales Product definitions of the methods

Product Association

  • getRelation ($fromProduct='*',$toProduct='*',$fromDate='*',$toDate='*',$relationType='*')

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