Invoke Custom Functions Workflow Tasks

This type of workflows is like an open set of functionality that can implement many different actions. In reality it is a simple and defined way of enhancing the workflow system without going through the trouble of adding a new screen (not that that is very complicated but this is easier).

So with custom functions we can find a lot of different options and operations to activate on our records.

The steps are:

  • create a new workflow and select the main module
  • give it a name and set the conditions
  • create a new task and select the “Invoke Custom Function” task
  • On the configuration screen we will find a drop down select box with the available functions for that module
  • Simply select the function and save

that is it, there is nothing to configure as these are atomic action functions, everything they need to know is given to them by the save context.

Available Custom Functions


ModulesInvoice, SalesOrder
Functionalitywhen creating will subtract all stock from the products associated to the record\ when editing will restore all the stock of the previous record and subtract all the stock of the new record


FunctionalitySends email to the user assigned to the ticket when the ticket changes


FunctionalitySends email to the account/contact assigned to the ticket when the ticket changes

NotifyOnPortalTicketCreation and NotifyOnPortalTicketComment

FunctionalitySends email when ticket is created pr commented on in portal

Update Contact Assigned To

ModulesAccounts and Contacts
Functionalitychanges the user assigned to all contacts associated to an account when the account is saved OR changes the user assigned to the Contact being saved when it is related to an Account

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