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Financial Block and Fields

In order to give full access to all the calculations possible in inventory modules, we have added a set of auto-calculated fields with all the values. These fields will permit easier advanced reporting both inside and outside of the application.

Additionally, we have added support for special tax types which are summed up separately in order to simplify or make possible some common tributation configurations present in many countries.

The fields have all been added to a new block called “Financial Information” and they are:

  • Gross total: the sum of all line totals with no discounts nor individual taxes
  • Line discount: the sum of all individual line discounts
  • Global discount: the value of the global discount applied in the footer of the record
  • Total discount: the sum of line and global discount
  • Net before global discount: gross total minus individual line discounts
  • Net total (after global discount): gross total minus total discounts
  • Tax totals: a field with the sum of all taxes applied for each tax active
  • Tax retention: the sum of all taxes marked as type retention
  • Total tax: the sum of all taxes applied
  • Shipping and handling total: copy of the value in the footer
  • Shipping and handling tax: the sum of taxes applied to shipping and handling
  • Adjustment: copy of the value in the footer
  • Grand total: copy of the value in the footer

In a more mathematical notation it would be

  • gross = ∑linetotals
  • line_discount =∑line_discounts
  • total_discount = lined_discount + global_discount
  • net = gross - total_discount
  • total_tax = ∑line_taxes + group_tax
  • grand_total = net + total_tax + s&h + s&h_tax + adjustment

The retention tax type can be established in the tax settings page and is simply to sum them separately.

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