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Integration with TiddlyWiki


We have two ways of using TiddlyWiki with coreBOS: with WebDAV and with a native plugin.

The goal of the integration is to use coreBOS as a backend to save the tiddlers. In other words, since TiddlyWiki does not save the wiki entries that you create, we need a way to persist them. TiddlyWiki has various methods to do that and this integration adds another one where you can save your wiki entries to coreBOS.

Using WebDAV

One of the methods that TiddlyWiki offers to save the work you do is to save the whole file to a WebDAV server.

This is really easy to implement. You configure your web server (apache, for example) to serve a directory as WebDAV, you copy your TiddlyWiki file to that directory, and access the file in the browser. TiddlyWiki will automatically notice that it is in a WebDAV directory and save the whole file every time you click on the Save button.

All that is left to do is make sure that you make backups of that directory.

Another option is to use the coreBOS native WebDAV integration. This functionality will enable WebDAV access to the Document module. So you will be able to upload your TiddlyWiki file to a Document record in coreBOS and then access this document through the WebDAV browser UI. Once you click on the TiddlyWiki file it will open and see that it is on a WebDAV server, so it will save the wiki in the document record every time you click on the Save button.

There is one step you need to do in order to get this working. coreBOS does not permit uploading HTML files. For security reasons it changes the extension to .txt to avoid (or reduce) the possibility of unwanted execution of malicious code.

Since TiddlyWiki is an HTML file we have to make a change to permit saving this type of file. Edit your file and look for the $upload_badext variable. You must eliminate the “HTML” entry from that array.

Using TiddlyWiki Plugin

We have created a plugin for TiddlyWiki that you can install like all the other plugins.

This plugin will permit you to log in to your coreBOS. Once you are logged in, the plugin will access your existing wiki entries from the Conversation module and load them into the TiddlyWiki instance as if they had been saved in the file. From that point on, the wiki entries you create or modify will be saved back in the Conversation module.

Comparision and Comments

With the WebDAV solution, the whole wiki is saved in one big file, either in the WebDAV directory you setup or in the coreBOS Document record, so you can't search inside those wiki entries.

Using the plugin, since each tiddler is saved in an independent record you will be able to use coreBOS mechanisms to search and manage them also.

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