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The survey integration system in coreBOSCRM is based on the idea of joining forces. We don't pretend to have a complete survey management system inside the application and compete with existing tools dedicated to this purpose, because we know we will never reach the level of quality and professionalism that companies which are fully dedicated to this can achieve. Our goal is to to what we do best: manage your information.

With this in mind we have created four modules which permit us to control the set of surveys that we launch and the answers to these surveys that our clients fill in. So you will be able to match the answers with your clients, and even more important, you will be able to use all the process automation tools that you have in coreBOSCRM to react to these answers in near real time making it easy to add a contact to a drip campaign or a segmentation list or even create calendar events depending on their answers.

There are four new modules which can be found in the “Analysis” menu:

On one hand we have: surveys and questions, which represent the exact survey and the questions that it contains. These modules simply contain a copy of the information created in the external survey program chosen. They do not create the survey in the external system, they simply record the fact that a survey was created and the questions it contained. The records in this module are autocreated when the first survey arrives.

On the other hand we have the modules survey done and answers, these modules record the fact of a given client filling in and sending a survey and the exact answers he has given. The records in this module are autocreated as the surveys are submitted.

When the records are created all associated workflows are called so we can tie in with all the process automation tasks that the workflow system brings to the application.

Just to throw around some ideas, we could associate a workflow to the creation event of a survey done and send a “thank you” email to the client and at the same time put them into a segmentation list, we could monitor specific answers to some questions in order to put the client on some campaign or tag them with some label for future segmenting or send them a loyalty discount,… the possibilities and combinations are enormous.

Obviously with all this information being injected directly into our production system simple things like creating a report to know how many people completed a given survey is a trivial task, directly supported by the application.

If you need more information you can see this video tutorial FIXME where we show how to do it with Typeform or ask us.

Supported Services

We currently support these survey services:

We are open to other integrations, specially Google Forms and Survey Monkey and would be happy to help you get those into the list of supported services so don't hesitate to contact us if you need more.

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