Update individual fields when importing.

Example of how to use

  • First I need a CSV file prepared to import into coreBOS. I will do the example with contacts (any other importable coreBOS module works the same). To obtain the file I export information from coreBOS demo site. This is the image:
  • This gives me a file with a lot of columns and rows of contact information
  • I eliminate most of them for the sake of the example. I am supposing that I need to update ONLY the department field of the contact without modifying the others. I am going to eliminate most columns to make the import file smaller but I am still going to leave some columns I do not want to import, just ignore them. So I end up with this file, which has this inside:
First NameContact IdLast NameMobileLead SourceDepartment
MaryCON1Smith Trade Showwoanders01
PatriciaCON2Johnson(092) 223-5945Public Relationswoanders02
LindaCON3Williams(105) 252-3316Employeewoanders03
BarbaraCON4Jones(882) 828-0165Otherwoanders04
ElizabethCON5Brown(633) 076-5365Trade Showwoanders05
JenniferCON6Davis(690) 300-7311Existing Customerwoanders06
MariaCON7Miller(903) 226-7361Otherwoanders07
SusanCON8Wilson(738) 571-9515Word of mouthwoanders08
MargaretCON9Moore(201) 799-4322Employeewoanders09
DorothyCON10Taylor(348) 842-2559Direct Mailwoanders10
CON11sd –None–woanders11
marcoCON12deluca –None–woanders12
CON13iLabs Demos woanders13
  • Note that I have eliminated most columns except the ones I need to do the matching for update and the ones I want to ignore for the sake of the example. I have modified all the departments.
  • Now I import as you normally would in coreBOS. I map ONLY the fields I want to be updated and the mandatory fields of the import (usually the ones you are going to be merging on), all the others are directly ignored. I select automerging, update and indicate the criteria for matching.
  • upsert import
  • Before and After images:

Before update List View
Before update List View

Before update Detail View
Before update Detail View

After update List View
After update List View

After update Detail View
After update Detail View

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