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 release_dt: 2010-02-27 release_dt: 2010-02-27
 licenses: Vizsage licenses: Vizsage
-price: Subscription +distribution : Free 
-buyemail_mail:​ paypal (at) tsolucio (dot) com +authorname : JPL TSolucio, S.L. 
-distribution: ​Subscription +authoremail_mail : info(at)tsolucio(dot)com 
-authorname: JPL TSolucio, S.L. +supportemail_mail : info(at)tsolucio(dot)com 
-authoremail_mail:​ info (at) tsolucio (dot) com +supportissues_url : https://​​tsolucio/​SegmentationLists/​issues 
-supportemail_mail:​ info (at) tsolucio (dot) com+supportsource_url : https://​​tsolucio/​SegmentationLists
 ---- ----
 \\ \\