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Mass Document Import

coreBOS extension that permits mass import of documents
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JPL TSolucio, S.L.
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How it works

This works like this:

  • It is a vtlib compatible extension, so it is installed via the module manager interface.
  • Once installed you must edit a configuration file to change a directory variable. This directory is where the documents must be copied and from where the extension will read them and import them.
  • When you access the extension you are greeted with an edit document screen that asks for a reference, user, folder and description. When Save is clicked the import process will read documents in from the established folder on the harddisk. Each document will have the format: id_filename.ext We will search for id as contact ID number, if not found, we search for it as account ID number. We will insert a new document in the system assigned to the selected user, in the chosen folder, with the given title and description, associated to the contact/account if found and with the name filename.ext
  • If no account/contact is found the document is not imported.
  • If document is imported, it is eliminated from the directory

Obviously we can change the logic to associate to any other entity or by any other field.

Price: 95 euros you can make payment on our paypal account

Q & A

Yes, you will have to change their names to adapt to the format expected by the plugin. It currently expects to find the Contact or Account ID number but we can adapt that if you already have your files in some other format. For example, for a client here in Spain, where each citizen has a unique ID card number we have a version that looks for this number in a custom field of the contacts.

You should be able to import 3000 in one shot with no problem, but it will all depend on the capacity and configuration of your server, that is why the extension eliminates the files once imported. Thanks to that feature, if it stops for any reason you just launch it again and it will continue.

Supposing that the contact Adam Smith has a Contact ID of: CON987, then the file must be renamed to: CON987_12345.pdf to be imported.

Yes, of course, the imported documents are simply normal coreBOS documents that will live along side all the others you may upload in other ways before or after.

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