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 +====== Select User for Calendar Follow up ======
 +This enhancement is a coreBOS Updater changeset which adds a user picklist to the calendar records Follow-up block. That will permit you to select a user for the follow-up record.
 +{{ :​en:​extensions:​extensions:​ |coreBOS Changeset}}
 +Two more steps must be taken for this change to work.
 +===== Change the workflows =====
 +The follow-up record is actually created by two workflows:
 +    * Create Calendar Follow Up on create
 +    * Create Calendar Follow Up on change
 +These two workflows must be changed so that the assigned user of the new record is updated from the new field, something like this next image:
 +{{ :​en:​extensions:​extensions:​assignfollowupuserwf.png |}}
 +===== Translate the field label =====
 +Go to the coreBOS Translation module and create any translation records you may need. That will look something like this:
 +{{ :​en:​extensions:​extensions:​assignfollowupuseri18n.png |}}
 +---- dataentry ----
 +name : AssignFollowUpUserField
 +type : enhancement
 +description_wiki:​ Add secondary user picklist to Calendar to permit assigning the follow-up task to another user.
 +keywords_tags : Calendar, Follow-up, User
 +version : 1.0
 +homepage_url : http://​​documentation/​doku.php?​id=en:​extensions:​extensions:​enhancecalendarassignfollowup
 +release_dt : 2019-01-03
 +license : Vizsage
 +price: 0
 +buyemail_mail:​ paypal(at)tsolucio(dot)com
 +distribution:​ Sale
 +authorname : JPL TSolucio, S.L.
 +authoremail_mail :​info(at)tsolucio(dot)com
 +authorhomepage_url : http://​
 +supportemail_mail :​info(at)tsolucio(dot)com