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-===== Full list of changes =====+===== Full list of changes ​from GIT commits ​=====
 |[[https://​​tsolucio/​corebos/​commit/​2e73ba9f1cc991bd665ccac367e3d89ec5c694b9|2e73ba9f1cc991bd665ccac367e3d89ec5c694b9]]|upgrade2coreBOS script| |[[https://​​tsolucio/​corebos/​commit/​2e73ba9f1cc991bd665ccac367e3d89ec5c694b9|2e73ba9f1cc991bd665ccac367e3d89ec5c694b9]]|upgrade2coreBOS script|
 |[[https://​​tsolucio/​corebos/​commit/​fac7ef3579fb4b684c5904406d985172462e05fd|fac7ef3579fb4b684c5904406d985172462e05fd]]|issue ~~issue:​101~~:​ further rebranding: eliminate feedback, prepare help links for easy adapting, block application access on non supported PHP version| |[[https://​​tsolucio/​corebos/​commit/​fac7ef3579fb4b684c5904406d985172462e05fd|fac7ef3579fb4b684c5904406d985172462e05fd]]|issue ~~issue:​101~~:​ further rebranding: eliminate feedback, prepare help links for easy adapting, block application access on non supported PHP version|
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 |[[https://​​tsolucio/​corebos/​commit/​0de288e5a8f736fb4752e262846c84a0de8afc6b|0de288e5a8f736fb4752e262846c84a0de8afc6b]]|fixes ~~issue:​81~~ On send PDF by email fill in email address by default| |[[https://​​tsolucio/​corebos/​commit/​0de288e5a8f736fb4752e262846c84a0de8afc6b|0de288e5a8f736fb4752e262846c84a0de8afc6b]]|fixes ~~issue:​81~~ On send PDF by email fill in email address by default|
 |[[https://​​tsolucio/​corebos/​commit/​29129b89832b739ee060a79e28f65424dd8d2fd0|29129b89832b739ee060a79e28f65424dd8d2fd0]]|resolved ~~issue:​80~~ Duplicate Filter| |[[https://​​tsolucio/​corebos/​commit/​29129b89832b739ee060a79e28f65424dd8d2fd0|29129b89832b739ee060a79e28f65424dd8d2fd0]]|resolved ~~issue:​80~~ Duplicate Filter|
 +===== Full list of changes from my notes as I applied them =====
 +  * many translation and non-english enhancements
 +  * workflow and mass edit form POST for workflows/​mass editions with many conditions/​records
 +  * Lead Convert Field Mapping header formatting
 +  * SMS Status notification in non english language
 +  * Duplicate Filters (Save as)
 +  * minor bug fixes
 +  * uitype 10 fields tooltip support
 +  * Fix wrong tax rendering in Products when the field is readonly
 +  * campaign field on potential fix
 +  * button links on header icons to make navigation easier
 +  * mass edit search error
 +  * keep Select On Campaign Related Lists pagination
 +  * security deny all access to backup, schema and log directory from web
 +  * getReturnPath patch
 +  * getListButtons with module permission (Alan Lord)
 +  * better aliasing in querys with many multiple joins to the same table
 +  * negative values in inventory modules and better calculations to avoid errors
 +  * better formatting on detail view edit
 +  * email validation
 +  * better More Infor positioning to make it easier to access
 +  * compile {HANDLER} variable in inventory notification templates
 +  * vtiger #7414: Import of Opportunities - Creates duplicate Contacts
 +  * enhance global search on HelpDesk related field
 +  * fix error calculating tab permissions when WebMail is deactivated
 +  * vtlib_purifyForSql() function for enhanced security
 +  * more flexible sequence numbering prefix validation to accept numbers (year)
 +  * avoid repeated fields on calendar for users in various profiles
 +  * default values for calendar fields
 +  * kcfinder security patch
 +  * transfer Account Campaign Related Records when converting to lead
 +  * fix restricted account export on memberof
 +  * vtiger #7595: Daylight saving time display problem in calendar
 +  * fix calendar Save redirect error
 +  * error exporting contact birthday on filter
 +  * custom field support in HelpDesk email
 +  * reporting enhancements on inventory product lines and numbers
 +  * scheduled reporting fixes: non-english character support
 +  * eliminate picklist dependencies when deleting picklist
 +  * tooltip on helpdesk fix
 +  * incorrect block for s_h_amount field produces incorrect reporting
 +  * Delete user extension in asterisk on user delete
 +  * Fix Workflow Time Fields (AM/PM always incorrect)
 +  * workflow email task with various variable email fields fix
 +  * soap: securitry and bug fixes
 +  * css fixes
 +  * vtlib new module export query duplicate table fix
 +  * config-dev for distributed programming
 +  * $logo$ email template variable support in Mail Manager