vtiger CRM 5.4.0 to coreBOS 5.4.0 Changes

Comments on important changes

There are full details of the change on the ticket and some have their own wiki page with an explanation, this is just a quick call of attention.

re-branding and adapting

We had to change the vtiger company references, for legal issues and also to not confuse the user base, but in our effort to convert this project into a useful tool for many business we went the extra mile and did it in a way that you can easily change the name and logo of the application in one place and get a customized installer with no reference to coreBOS (or vtiger). We will continue to go down this path making it easier both for the implementor and the final user of the software.

In coreBOS 5.4 you can change the variables

$coreBOS_app_name ='coreBOS';
$coreBOS_app_url = 'http://corebos.org';

that are in the vtigerversion.php file and then change the logo in include/install/images/app_logo.png and the themes/images/favicon.ico (just one in one place!) and you should not see any references to coreBOS (we are not completely there yet)

Global search direct access

With this enhancement if the global search only finds one record, it will open that record in Detail View directly for you

Report totals for inventory modules

This one is important; the sum of totals of invoice columns in report is not the same as on the summary block

Reporting on product lines of inventory modules

some important improvements there

This is related to the failing Mass Edit problem, whereas if you search on the list view and then launch a mass action you really do it on all the records not on the selected subset.

set of minor bug fixes appeared along the last two years

You should have these if you are working with vtiger CRM 5.4: ~~issue:92~~ (most of our clients do)

Event and Task workflows not respecting AM/PM selection


config-dev.inc.php: config.inc.php developer override

This is a “must have” if you are developing with coreBOS. thanks to this include we can put the client's config.inc.php under version control and still have each programmer working on the project install it on their local computer for development as they can override any configuration variable locally.

protect some sensitive directories from web access

Interesting security enhancement

On send PDF by email fill in email address by default

Interesting enhancement which supports B2C model also

Duplicate Filter

Adds the functionality to duplicate (Save as) any filter

Full list of changes from GIT commits

2e73ba9f1cc991bd665ccac367e3d89ec5c694b9upgrade2coreBOS script
fac7ef3579fb4b684c5904406d985172462e05fdissue ~~issue:101~~: further rebranding: eliminate feedback, prepare help links for easy adapting, block application access on non supported PHP version
53e2dbbd7aa6c95a5c2b211407d729d168fb364afixes ~~issue:111~~: lead module loses all actions if calendar is deactivated from user's profile
d353f13fc4d044bb8391b17f949aefde526001b3fixes ~~issue:110~~: flaw in vtws_getchallenge
1641f1cda5ce837af8bcdb94594829897c10b847security patch cve-2013-7326
b23d118101e0d2204f06ccbfb840a0e972cf43f0translate salutation in listview
cabf5f2e95ad7c050933321596d7872e74e2dbeafixes ~~issue:107~~: if global search only finds one record > go there directly
cd90acb6a28d34c235b1952a60afbd8009cb5031fixes ~~issue:106~~: Report totals for inventory modules as secondary are incorrect
088c954b88aacc4fc9f3df1572927c7993e523f6Report Improvement: Thanks Libertus. CKEditor Quick Change error: Thanks Stefan Warnat
c3782614b1133b23a9b7d7d83e49bf6ee2d42eeffixes ~~issue:104~~ vtigerCRM540_securitypatch with enhancements
319eccc8f6fac6517d98c40a52ee542b5f51c640fixes ~~issue:101~~: rebranding and cleanup adjustments
ee55cbbcf8253e230f05328a17edac9395822c09fixes ~~issue:102~~ fix copyright.html
5516c593e5d313e86e67884df0b2bd0d38c43db5git ignore
4b5b7883a10e676cd115b6f7eabb18995126a542fixes ~~issue:101~~: working on rebranding, trying to make it as generic as possible so it will benefit everybody. code and file cleanup
73cc64b9688617357b50f95fbc235a3cf707c8afissue ~~issue:101~~ working on it
bc375aa76ab7b77de755e3df1fc499d554e223d7fixes ~~issue:100~~: export query failing in new modules with uitype 10 fields
6c4172667ff300422679de781f1fb49ced233266fixes ~~issue:99~~ Invoice shipping and handling field does not appear in reports
44d840bab871f0a0dda38763547ac73e63b7e1affixes ~~issue:98~~: Reporting on product lines of inventory modules
e6512b60e7dd5cf6bdc98281abb22b9c22b05a58fixes ~~issue:97~~: selected records on related list are lost on paging
78c03e0ad3a6cd0f77cd72d7e06d3a08fa0655a8when emails is active and webmail isn't in profile, generation of cache files breaks
b2a54bf65eba4cd8f8bf32543f43a5c0bba86009better comparison of imported data y trimming spaces
5f103dd794b357ed57c9b397113cd46bf2c742fafixes ~~issue:96~~: Scheduled reports issues
7b2b85d7d323b72d47ec32af6d62234a7c4fbaebfixes ~~issue:95~~: Calendar custom field fixes
7c81814407f41d9bdb6037d5429a5a6640d2ce4bfixes ~~issue:92~~: set of minor bug fixes appeared along the last two years
d1624357216ef830f371ab2fc8994629005e69b9fixes ~~issue:94~~: Mass edit and mass actions in general do not respect search criteria
1f8e10ee43417ed63d39f80e5da77115ee1f1b82accept negative numbers on inventory modules and show them correctly
159a280bdf4cea068f2fc1447e2a4ac6e8a0debafixes ~~issue:93~~: Email workflow task: email not sent to all if one is empty
0821d44dfa6eebd6389b173f477676cbd36dd40ffixes ~~issue:92~~: set of minor bug fixes appeared along the last two years
ae4e8e0da8ca4503c982ae511a728723a5ff79bddelete picklist dependencies on picklist delete
f6304ebbdd38b97f61a2c7bcf7bebf57cfffb75dbetter aliasing in querys with many multiple joins to the same table
46ee92b5dfb336a9e4ab7657439eb5049ba3549afixes ~~issue:91~~ accept slash bar in module numbering prefix
90df4add1f9b5f7d689a02453c4a47f5b680b020Fix wrong tax rendering in Products when the field is readonly
8cfc3f861bc8c9e50532a7d484aadfe6f174cb1dfixes ~~issue:90~~ javascript error loading empty file in popup
3b39e83ccce1dfb58831cf159b0869ced49a6f1efixes ~~issue:89~~ Translation enhancements and fixes
a75e8bb33227de570d1e2a485aaaab4b3eb4f56dfixes ~~issue:88~~ Lead Convert Field Mapping header formatting and adds translation fix
21a33c071777a312ca6ce11e4b13889994dc52a4OpenOffice, LibreOffice + Rich Text Format merge feature
fda45199a75ee714637b183b0b09cb67092debd9fixes ~~issue:86~~ Event and Task workflows not respecting AM/PM selection
0f580ee7251d9399f9c0337ffb3af0798fc143baconfig-dev.inc.php: config.inc.php developer override
af341ecfb7cb36672c2336941765ce9a88612f50minor CSS errors. Thanks John
a6c428820de5e3986e7244a5eb12b0aa753463a0fixes ~~issue:85~~ kcfinder_vulnerability
77ef404e95bfbe99592e920a3d38ff49f53f3146fixes ~~issue:84~~ getReturnPath
e2bad8614b705fc1779bbe6a0c3ab83c404b6b32fixes ~~issue:83~~ security fixes in soap interface (CVE: 2013-3214)
2d1555d9f18969cf951a7bd9007cf5374ea68bd1fixes ~~issue:82~~ protect some sensitive directories from web access
0de288e5a8f736fb4752e262846c84a0de8afc6bfixes ~~issue:81~~ On send PDF by email fill in email address by default
29129b89832b739ee060a79e28f65424dd8d2fd0resolved ~~issue:80~~ Duplicate Filter

Full list of changes from my notes as I applied them

  • many translation and non-english enhancements
  • workflow and mass edit form POST for workflows/mass editions with many conditions/records
  • Lead Convert Field Mapping header formatting
  • SMS Status notification in non english language
  • Duplicate Filters (Save as)
  • minor bug fixes
  • uitype 10 fields tooltip support
  • Fix wrong tax rendering in Products when the field is readonly
  • campaign field on potential fix
  • button links on header icons to make navigation easier
  • mass edit search error
  • keep Select On Campaign Related Lists pagination
  • security deny all access to backup, schema and log directory from web
  • getReturnPath patch
  • getListButtons with module permission (Alan Lord)
  • better aliasing in querys with many multiple joins to the same table
  • negative values in inventory modules and better calculations to avoid errors
  • better formatting on detail view edit
  • email validation
  • better More Infor positioning to make it easier to access
  • compile {HANDLER} variable in inventory notification templates
  • vtiger #7414: Import of Opportunities - Creates duplicate Contacts
  • enhance global search on HelpDesk related field
  • fix error calculating tab permissions when WebMail is deactivated
  • vtlib_purifyForSql() function for enhanced security
  • more flexible sequence numbering prefix validation to accept numbers (year)
  • avoid repeated fields on calendar for users in various profiles
  • default values for calendar fields
  • kcfinder security patch
  • transfer Account Campaign Related Records when converting to lead
  • fix restricted account export on memberof
  • vtiger #7595: Daylight saving time display problem in calendar
  • fix calendar Save redirect error
  • error exporting contact birthday on filter
  • custom field support in HelpDesk email
  • reporting enhancements on inventory product lines and numbers
  • scheduled reporting fixes: non-english character support
  • eliminate picklist dependencies when deleting picklist
  • tooltip on helpdesk fix
  • incorrect block for s_h_amount field produces incorrect reporting
  • Delete user extension in asterisk on user delete
  • Fix Workflow Time Fields (AM/PM always incorrect)
  • workflow email task with various variable email fields fix
  • soap: securitry and bug fixes
  • css fixes
  • vtlib new module export query duplicate table fix
  • config-dev for distributed programming
  • $logo$ email template variable support in Mail Manager

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