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 +===== Webservice format and reserved parameter =====
 +The web service API returns responses in JSON format. This format can be changed on a per-call basis. To accomplish this we would need to implement the code to support the desired format [[https://​​tsolucio/​corebos/​blob/​master/​include/​Webservices/​OperationManagerEnDecode.php|like this code which implements the JSON format]], add the new format to [[https://​​tsolucio/​corebos/​blob/​master/​include/​Webservices/​OperationManager.php#​L13|the array of supported formats]] and then indicate the format using the special reserved parameter **format** in the GET/POST call.
 +<WRAP center round important 80%>
 +Note that this implies that NO web service end point may use a parameter named **format** as this parameter is used for this sole purpose.