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Web service libraries

In order to make programming with the web service API easier, we have created an abstraction library that hides the details of connection and low-level conversation going on and permits us to create applications faster.

For example, instead of going through the two-step login process, we can use the library and simply call doLogin, that method will execute the tow-step process and return the result.

In a similar manner, we can execute doUpdate and not have to worry if it is a GET or a POST nor if we have to add the session id to the call.

We have libraries for many languages and they all follow a similar structure which is the method prefixed with “do”:

  • doLogin
  • doListTypes
  • doDescribe
  • doCreate
  • doRetrieve
  • doQuery
  • doInvoke

There are many of these functions and depending on the maintenance team of each library there will be more or less.

One very important function is doInvoke which permits us to execute any web service method.

Purpose:Execute any web service method.
Profile:doInvoke(method:string, parameters:array, type:string):array
Parameters: ⇒ method: name of the method to execute
⇒ parameters: array with the parameter needed by the method
⇒ type: GET or POST
Response:the response of the method called

You can find the libraries here.

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