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GenDoc and PDF output

GenDoc Template Merge

Purpose:Get the binary representation of a template with records from a GenDoc supported module.
Profile:getmergedtemplate(template, crmids, output_format)
Send as:GET
Parameters: template – document web service ID that contains the template to merge
crmids – comma-separated list of records to merge with the template
output_format – pdf, odt, onepdf, oneodt
Response: array –
message: yes/no result,
file: file name to a zip archive that contains the merged document(s)

GenDoc Document Conversion

Purpose:Allows a web service client to send an OpenOffice/LibreOffice document for it to be converted into any format supported by unoconv and retrieve the resulting file
Profile:gendoc_convert(file: encoded, convert_format: string)
Send as:POST
Parameters: file – file structure
- name: filename
- size: size
- type: type of the document
- content: base 64 encoded content of the file
convert_format: string, format to convert input file
Response: result: result of operation (success|error)
file: file: resulting file structure (same as input parameter)
Comments:one of the unoconv alternatives must be installed and functional in the coreBOS install

Inventory modules

Purpose:Get the PDF representation of an inventory or supported module record.
Send as:POST
Parameters: id – quote, salesorder, invoice, purchaseorder or custom module web service ID.
CustomerPortal_PDF_Modules – global variable defines more modules supported by this endpoint.
CustomerPortal_PDF – global variable defines how to get the PDF: PDFMaker, GenDoc, or Native
CustomerPortal_PDFTemplate_{module} – defines the templateID to use for GenDoc and PDFMaker
Response: array –
recordid: ID passed as parameter,
modulename: name of the module of the ID,
pdf_data: base64 encoded string representing the PDF
Comments:The user must have read access to the ID and the ID must belong to a supported module.
There are 4 Global Variables that permit defining what method and template to use for the output.
Examplesee 400_getpdf.php and 400_getpdfdirect.php in coreBOSwsBrowser

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