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   * Under **"​Google Apps API"** click "​Contacts API" link   * Under **"​Google Apps API"** click "​Contacts API" link
   * Click the ENABLE button   * Click the ENABLE button
 +  * Now we have to activate the integration and set the project values in coreBOS
 +  * Go to this URL in your coreBOS install: <​code>​http://​your_host/​your_coreBOS/​index.php?​module=Utilities&​action=integration&​_op=getconfiggcontact</​code>​
 +  * Introduce the API key and OAuth credentials.
 +  * Activate the integration and save the settings
-{{ :​en:​corebos:​contacts:​google-api-list.png |}} 
-{{ :​en:​corebos:​contacts:​google-api-contacts-enable.png |}}