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coreBOS Certification Program

The coreBOS Certification Program is divided into three parts:

  • User Level: which teaches you to fully understand and use all parts of the application as a user.
  • Administrator/Implementor Level: which teaches you to configure and adapt the application to the needs of the users.
  • Developer Level: which teaches you how to use coreBOS as a development platform oriented towards business processes.

Let's see what each level contains.

User Level coreBOS Certification Program

  • CRM/ERP Concepts
  • Introduction to coreBOS. What is it capable of? much more than a CRM
    • Lead Nurturing
    • Sales Process
    • Post-Sales Support
    • Production
  • Presentation of the application: layout
  • Basic operation of all modules: list, detail, edit and related view
  • Business Process: Application work concept
  • Searches and Filters
  • Activities and Calendar
  • Email
  • Mass Operations and actions
  • Reports
  • Import/Export information
  • Other functionalities
  • External Tools. Integrations with other platforms
  • Where to start

Administrator/Implementor Level coreBOS Certification Program

  • Installation in Windows and Linux
    • GIT for implementors
  • Overview of all modules and fields: what is already there
  • Users and Permissions Administration
  • System Administration Tools
  • Customization of modules, fields, and lists
  • Translations
  • Import/Export information
  • Configuration tools
    • Online help
    • Menu Editor
    • Global Variables
    • Business Actions
    • Business Maps
    • Filter Management
  • BPM
    • Workflows. Notifications
    • Mail Converter
  • EMail Templates and Documents (GenDoc)
  • Inventory Management
  • Modules and Extensions
  • Best Practices
    • Step by Step instructions to set up a coreBOS
    • Teaching your users

Developer Level coreBOS Certification Program

  • Basic programming guidelines
  • Installation. Programs involved. Tools
  • Physical structure: where is the code?
  • Logical structure: from index.php to the template. structure of a module. MVC
    • Action Execution. How to execute a script
    • Important scripts and templates
    • How to modify a template
    • Structure of a module
  • Database structure: where is the data?
  • Programming
    • vtlib
    • query generator
    • system infrastructure: sending emails
  • Developing a module and extension
  • Debugging problems
  • Extending:
    • workflow
    • hooks and event handlers
    • service crons
  • coreBOS Updater: how to keep your coreBOS up to date
  • Introduction to Webservice
  • Security
  • Recommendations and advice

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