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 [[en:​calendar_google_integration#​configuring_your_connection_with_google_calendar|Google account settings]] [[en:​calendar_google_integration#​configuring_your_connection_with_google_calendar|Google account settings]]
-====Module manager settings==== 
-The Calendar settings can be initiated using button from the Calendar screen if you are an administrator or from CRM Settings > Module Manager > Custom modules. In the module manager settings you can find a //​Profiles//​ section to manage user-specific Calendar access for different roles. 
-You may define specific Calendar privileges for all profiles on the actions Create/​Edit,​ View and Delete. Just use checkboxes and click on [Save] button to apply the changes. 
-{{ :​en:​corebos:​calendar:​4_10_manage_profiles.png?​700 |}}