Chapter 1. Introduction to Role-Based Security

This chapter explains how to start working with coreBOS's security settings. It's an overview of all types of considerations an administrator should go through before starting to set up the CRM system.


Role-based security has been provided to control who is allowed to browse, delete or update which information stored in the CRM. This is a significant improvement, making the CRM system more scalable, flexible, and easier to implement for larger corporations.

The following sections explain the role-based security concept as it is implemented by coreBOS and considers the dependency to other security settings.

With the help of this manual, you will get familiar with the security concept quickly. We will show you how you can configure the system to fit your needs and how to use it effectively. Please keep in mind that the security settings have been implemented to control users privileges. It is especially suited for companies:

  • who would like to have a larger number of people to work with the CRM simultaneously
  • who would like to have restricted browse, delete or update capabilities for individual users
  • who would like to have a hierarchical order implemented

All samples for organizations or contacts used in this manual are imaginary. Any resemblances to existing companies or persons are coincidental.

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