Monitor the health of your coreBOS

If you would like to add your coreBOS install into your company's IT Infrastructure Health Monitoring system, the ping functionality is exactly what you are looking for.

This feature is expressly designed to be called from a tool like Nagios or Pandora and will execute a set of 10 tests against your coreBOS install. Actually 11 if you consider accessing the script itself as a test.

You must call the URL:


which must be accessible either using a user and password to overcome any apache authentication screen or by explicitly excluding it from the authentication in the .htaccess file.

The script will return the string

OK: basic testing has passed

if all tests pass or one of the next error messages depending on the failure detected:

  • NOK: incorrect PHP version
  • NOK: no configuration file
  • NOK: no database configuration
  • NOK: no version file
  • NOK: no version configuration
  • NOK: missing program files: vtlib
  • NOK: version mismatch
  • NOK: could not access database
  • NOK: missing program file: users
  • NOK: missing admin user file

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