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It has been made obsolete by the Global Variables module and has been eliminated.

We leave the previous explanation below as a historical reference.

Configuration Editor

The Configuration Editor extension permits us to edit global configuration variables to adjust the functionality of our application.

All of these variables are saved in the main file and can also be edited there. This is just an easy way of modifying those variables without needing access to the server.

The functionality of this extension is straight forward; as soon as we access we are greeted with an edit screen for the available variables and their current value. Clicking on the save button will update the file and the new values will be available on the next load of any page in the application.

If the file is not editable by the webserver user you will see a warning message indicating this state and you WILL NOT be able to change any variables.

There is a warning message that states:

You are editing the configuration details. Please do double check before saving the values.

I stress this here again: any incorrect value in any variable will break the WHOLE application, please be careful and use correct values for each variable!

The available variables are:

Mini Calendar DisplaybooleanCalendar on global tool bar
World Clock DisplaybooleanClock of the world on global tool bar
Calculator DisplaybooleanCalculator on global tool bar
Use RTEbooleanWhether to use Rich Text Editor or not in a few places that it is available
Helpdesk Support Email-IdstringThis is the email that will be used when sending emails related to tickets
Helpdesk Support NamestringThis is the name that will be used when sending emails related to tickets
Max.Upload Size (Max 5MB)numberThis is the application file size limit of files you can upload. Note that your PHP may have more restrictive values.
Max. entries per page in listviewnumberThe number of records to show in the list views. Note that incrementing this value will affect loading time.
Max. History ViewednumberThis number controls the number of entries you see when you click the history icon at the Tools Area.
Default ModulestringModule that will be loaded when we log into the application
Max. text length in listviewnumberValues in listviews are truncated to make the table easier to read. This variable establishes how many characters are shown. A maximum of 100 characters is permitted
Domains authorized for CORSstringSpace or comma separated list of domains we will accept Cross-origin resource sharing from

There are more fine tuning variables available directly in the file and also in config.performance.php

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