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Business Mappings Store

Here you can find a whole set of different Business Mappings which can be used in your application directly or with easy modifications to adapt them to your needs.

Please share your mappings with us!

PageDescriptionRule TypeDistributionAuthor Name
Business Mapping:: Contacts2AccountsConvert a Contact into an AccountField MappingFreeJPL TSolucio, S.L.
Business Mapping:: HelpDesk2SalesOrderFill in SalesOrder fields when creating from a HelpDesk TicketField MappingFreeLuke
Business Mapping:: Invoice2CobroPago Amount DueCopy Amount Due field instead of Total Amount when adding Payments to Invoice in coreBOSCRMField MappingFreeJPL TSolucio, S.L.
Business Mapping:: PurchaseOrder_FieldDependencyThis map fills in the Purchase Order Billing address when a vendor is selectedField DependencyFreeJPL TSolucio, S.L.
Business Mapping:: SalesOrder2PurchaseOrderConvert a SalesOrder into a PurchaseOrderField MappingFreeMajorLabel
Business Mapping:: SalesOrder2SalesOrderAutomate address fields when duplicating a SalesOrder to take Account's address in stead of source SalesOrderField MappingFreeMajorLabel
Business Mapping:: Validation Brazilian nameForce field to be written in Brazilian nameValidationFreeRanieri Slemer

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