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 +====== Record Set Mapping ======
 +The purpose of this mapping is to define an heterogeneous set of record IDs. Simply a bunch of CRMIDs of records from different modules. This could be used to define a set of records to launch a mass operation upon or a set of records which must be excluded from some global process.
 +In concept it is very similar to the [[en:​adminmanual:​businessmappings:​condition_query|Condition Query Mapping]] where you can retrieve a set of records from a query. The big difference is that this mapping easily mixes records from different modules and with no special condition that the query must fulfill, you just put the IDs, no fuss.
 +Obviously the set must be small or will get to complex to maintain.
 +The accepted format is:
 +<code xml>
 + <​map>​
 +  <​records>​
 +  <​record>​
 +  <​id>​1</​id>​ if given, module and value are ignored
 +  <​module>​ModuleName</​module>​
 +  <​value>​EntityCustomNumberValue</​value>​ we only search on the uitype 4 field
 +  <​action>​include</​action> ​ Include | Exclude | Group  The default action is Exclude
 +  </​record>​
 +  .....
 +  </​records>​
 +  </​map>​
 +You will be able to ask for CRMids in each action group and module, if a given CRMid is in the group and also get a list of module names which have some CRMid in the record set.
 +<WRAP center round info 80%>Only IDs that are not DELETED will be returned.</​WRAP>​