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Record Set Mapping

The purpose of this mapping is to define an heterogeneous set of record IDs. Simply a bunch of CRMIDs of records from different modules. This could be used to define a set of records to launch a mass operation upon or a set of records which must be excluded from some global process.

In concept it is very similar to the Condition Query Mapping where you can retrieve a set of records from a query. The big difference is that this mapping easily mixes records from different modules and with no special condition that the query must fulfill, you just put the IDs, no fuss.

Obviously the set must be small or will get to complex to maintain.

The accepted format is:

  <id>1</id> if given, module and value are ignored
  <value>EntityCustomNumberValue</value> we only search on the uitype 4 field
  <action>include</action>  Include | Exclude | Group  The default action is Exclude

You will be able to ask for CRMids in each action group and module, if a given CRMid is in the group and also get a list of module names which have some CRMid in the record set.

Only IDs that are not DELETED will be returned.

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