Condition Query Business Mapping

The accepted format is a direct SQL OR a QueryGenerator specification.

If it contains both, the SQL part will be used and the other ignored

You MUST specify the return value which can be:

  • a field from the query, the value of the first row found will be returned
  • the string COUNT which will return the number of rows of the query
  • the string RECORDSET which will return all the results. Be careful!!

In QueryGenerator:

  • you can specify the fields to be returned in the SQL by a comma separated string of field names
  • if no fields are specified the ID of the records will be used
  • the conditions are a json encoded string as generated by the conditions editor of the application


SELECT accountid,accountname
FROM vtiger_account
INNER JOIN vtiger_crmentity ce ON ce.crmid=vtiger_account.accountid
WHERE ce.deleted=0 AND vtiger_account.accountid =?
<return>accountname</return>    {count|recordset}
<conditions>[{"fieldname":"assetname","operation":"contains","value":"j","valuetype":"rawtext","joincondition":"and","groupid":"0"},{"fieldname":"product : (Products) unit_price","operation":"greater than","value":"30","valuetype":"rawtext","joincondition":"and","groupid":"0"}]</conditions>

Additional Information

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