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 +===== Monitor the health of your coreBOS =====
 +If you would like to add your coreBOS install into your company'​s **IT Infrastructure Health Monitoring** system, the **ping** functionality is exactly what you are looking for.
 +This feature is expressly designed to be called from a tool like [[https://​​|Nagios]] or [[https://​|Pandora]] and will execute a set of 10 tests against your coreBOS install. Actually 11 if you consider accessing the script itself as a test.
 +You must call the URL:
 +which must be accessible either using a user and password to overcome any apache authentication screen or by [[https://​​tsolucio/​corebos/​blob/​master/​htaccess.txt|explicitly excluding it]] from the authentication in the .htaccess file.
 +The script will return the string
 +<​code>​OK:​ basic testing has passed</​code>​
 +if all tests pass or one of the next error messages depending on the failure detected:
 +  * NOK: incorrect PHP version
 +  * NOK: no configuration file
 +  * NOK: no database configuration
 +  * NOK: no version file
 +  * NOK: no version configuration
 +  * NOK: missing program files: vtlib
 +  * NOK: version mismatch
 +  * NOK: could not access database
 +  * NOK: missing program file: users
 +  * NOK: missing admin user file