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 ^Service|**Client End Support Notification 1 month**| ^Service|**Client End Support Notification 1 month**|
-^Purpose|Notify contact that his support ​is ending ​in a month.|+^Purpose|Notify contact that their customer portal access ​is due to expire ​in a month.|
 ^Template|workflow| ^Template|workflow|
 ^Service|**Client End Support Notification 1 week**| ^Service|**Client End Support Notification 1 week**|
-^Purpose|Notify contact that his support ​is ending ​in a week.|+^Purpose|Notify contact that their customer portal access ​is due to expire ​in a week.|
 ^Template|workflow| ^Template|workflow|
-This script launches special notifications to the contacts that have their customer portal due to expire soon. An email is sent a month and a week before expiration. 
-^Service|**Support Due to Expire Notification**| 
-^Purpose|Notify contact that their customer portal access is due to expire soon.| 
-^Template|based on template in Notification Schedulers and email templates| 
-^Sent to|Contact|