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 +====== Business Questions ======
 +Adds the functionality of creating materialized views, which are based on coreBOS database tables.
 +Business Question module stores the configurations for each materialized view.
 +<WRAP center round info 60%>
 +Note that in MySQL 5.x, which is the version used by CoreBOS, materialized views are not supported yet. Subsequently,​ we are going to create physical tables in order to mimic the functionality of a materialized view.
 +A Business Question configuration would be composed of the following attributes:
 +  * Name of the materialized view
 +  * SQL Query flag, which indicates that the materialized view should be created based on a SQL query.
 +  * Module - this is the primary module of the materialized view
 +  * Unique ID Field - this serves as a unique identifier of the records of the materialized view
 +  * SQL Query - contains the SQL SELECT query which determines the data that should be copied into the materialized view.
 +  * Columns - list of materialized view's columns
 +  * Condition - contains the conditions of the SQL query
 +There should be inserted some useful actions in the DetailView of each Business Question:
 +  * Test SQL - runs the SQL query against the database and returns a success / no success message.
 +  * Create Materialized View - creates the physical database table, populated with data from the SQL Query defined in the Business Question
 +  * Add Materialized View Workflow - creates two workflows in the Module specified in cbQuestion: one workflow on each save and the other on delete.
 +  * Remove Materialized View - drops the materialized view
 +  * Delete Materialized View Workflow - drops the workflows at the Module specified in Business Question.